ROHIT'S - Like father, like son

Inspired by Dad

Founder Rohit Walia was inspired to start ROHIT’S because of his dad, Dave. A brilliant chef, Dave had an insatiable sweet tooth and taught Rohit everything he knew about flavor, texture, and celebrating with family. 

Because of his type 2 diabetes, Dave couldn’t enjoy his favorite mithai for years. So, Rohit decided to make something better. After thousands of tests in his home kitchen, he found the perfect burfi recipe that tastes great and is truly better for you.


ROHIT'S is backed by the visionary founders of Nick’s Ice Cream, a Swedish company founded in 2016. Nick’s is a world leader in developing and marketing products with no added sugar and lower calories. Having started in the US with Ice Cream, it has expanded to a range of confectionary items. Nicks secured $130 million in Series C funding in 2021. 


    Nick is a lifelong multi-entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses. Standing on a solid scientific platform established at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Nick has the ability to understand new technologies and help them through STATE-OF- THE-ART applications. Nick is the “NICK” in the multinational food science company, establishing the NICK'S brand in over 15 markets globally and available in over 18.000 stores in the US alone. 


    Fredrik is a co-founder and served as a board member at NICK'S. Fredrik is also the founder and President of Monaco-based Sports Marketing company IMP and the Race of Champions (ROC). In these roles, he has led a team of over 200 staff to deliver ground-breaking world-class events across the globe including the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing, London’s Wembley and Olympic Stadiums, and King Fahad Stadium in Riyadh.


    Carl is a Swedish entrepreneur-and one of the co-founders of NICK'S. Carl has a long track record of starting and running companies within product development, management consulting, and manufacturing selling to more than 50 countries. Carl was the CEO at NICK'S for eight years and presently oversees the supply chain.


    A British-Indian entrepreneur, Rohit is the Co-founder, CEO, and inventor of the patent-pending “THE ORIGINAL LIGHT MITHAI.” Rohit brings years of
    experience in the food industry and an appreciation for science, innovation, South Asian foods, and culture. At NICK’S USA, Rohit led the development and commercialization of several products.