Life is too short not to be sweet.

Our Brand

ROHIT’S mithai is inspired by the rich confectionery tradition of South Asia. At the end of the day, mithai is about bringing people together, and that’s exactly what ROHIT’S is here to do.

With 100% natural sweeteners, heart-healthy almond oil, nut flours, and milk, our burfi is made for everyone to enjoy regardless of their age, culture, or health concerns. Our no-compromise, small-batch approach means we give you the best quality mithai for every celebration.

Our People

We’re a team of innovators, scientists, and creatives determined to make mithai better for everyone. Our day-to-day is testing recipes and ingredients to create the freshest, most indulgent mithai for you and your family. And yes, we all have a favorite flavor.

Our Customers

Our customers are central to every test, recipe, and flavor. From the people of the South Asian diaspora to everyone who loves to make an entrance at a celebration—ROHIT’s mithai is made for any occasion.

After all, more is more when it comes to ROHIT’S.